The Origins

The Pedal Harder Ride began as a casual friends and family ride in 2010 to remember Glen and his love of the open road.  Glen was a passionate cyclist and had a love for all physical pursuits.  The name Pedal Harder comes from the eulogy that Glen’s cousin, Joe Lapp, delivered at his memorial service.  In 2002, Joe & Glen pedaled together on a long and winding cross country bicycle journey; Joe recounted Glen’s remedy for pretty much every problem that came their way . . . PEDAL HARDER!

  • If you’re cold, PEDAL HARDER, you’ll warm up,
  • If you’re hot, PEDAL HARDER, the breeze will cool you,
  • If you’re tired, PEDAL HARDER, you’ll get there sooner,
  • A little saddle sore, PEDAL HARDER, it really works!

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Tim & Randy, totally oblivious to the 60 miles of pain that awaits

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